5 Signs Your Plumbing System Needs Trenchless Pipe Repair

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April 27, 2021

From backed-up drains, to foul smells, and a wet yard, there are plenty of signals that hint to issues with your sewer line. However, if you don’t know what signs to look out for, it can be difficult to know what plumbing issues you might currently have and how to address them. Doing your research and learning about the telltale signs of sewer line problems allows you to quickly respond to any issues, therefore, saving yourself from future headaches. If you suspect that there may be something wrong with your sewer line, here are five signs that your plumbing system needs trenchless pipe repair.

Odors Coming from your Drains

If foul smells begin to come from the drains in your home, this could hint to your sewer line being blocked. In particular, you’ll begin to smell sewage because a blocked sewer line will push odors back into your home instead of away from it as intended. Once these smells begin to arise, you’ll want to take immediate action and call in professional help.

Slow Drains

If the faucets and sinks inside your home are all experiencing slow drainage, there could be several issues with your sewer line like a tree root intrusion or a collapsed pipe. Another sign of trouble with your sewage line can be seen with your toilets. If you find that they are backing up or overflowing, then there is clearly something that needs to be addressed to prevent this from continuing.

Clogged Drains

Having multiple clogged drains is one of the clearest signs that your sewer line is clogged. When you first notice this issue, get in touch with plumbing professionals like Prodigy Plumbing who know which steps to take next. Generally, you shouldn’t handle these issues by yourself or else you risk worsening the problem.

Moisture in your Basement

Keep an eye on whether or not your basement becomes a bit damp because of moisture and water droplets. This could be a sign that there is a sewer line break or blockage. Be sure to also search for any mold in your basement. Wherever there is water, there also tends to be mold which serves as another warning towards sewage line issues.

Patches of Lush and Green Grass

Patches of lush and green grass laid out sporadically throughout your yard hints towards leakage with your sewer pipes. Sewage is an effective fertilizer that can cause dramatic growth of grass wherever it leaks. Take one step out in your yard and take a look around to see for any areas of grass that appear to be overly developed.

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