6 Reasons to Call an Emergency Plumber

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August 17, 2020

Whenever you experience any plumbing issues, it’s understandable you would want them resolved immediately. We value the importance of maintaining your home or business, which is why we offer emergency plumbing, as well as full-service plumbing in Cerritos, Long Beach, and Los Angeles County as a whole. But how do you know if you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency? Here are 6 reasons to call an emergency plumber.

Leaky water heater

If you are unable to turn off your water heater’s power source, or cannot adjust the water temperature, contact your same-day emergency plumber. If the water pressure is too high, the relief valve is damaged or broken, or the water temperature is too high, you risk pressure build-up leading to the explosion of your water heater.

Risk of flooding

Flooding can be caused by a number of residential or commercial plumbing issues. Whether brought on by a leaky water heater, sewer backup, water valve failure, or a burst pipe, these are all plumbing issues that could result in flooding. This is considered a plumbing emergency as it can cause significant water damage to your property, as well as health issues due to mold.

Wet or damp wall or floor area

A sudden or rapidly escalating issue, and an accumulation of water or dampness with no visible cause, could be indicators of a leak or burst pipe inside your wall or under your floor. This could result in mold, flooding, and/or other significant property damage. A situation like this should be addressed by an emergency plumber immediately.

You are without water

Not having access to running water can prevent you from daily practices like cooking, the use of facilities, and practicing proper sanitation. Therefore, making it a health hazard and potential threat to occupational safety.

Burst pipe

If you are unable to cut off the supply of water to the burst pipe, you should call an emergency plumber. Likewise, if you are required to shut off the main water supply valve, leaving your household or commercial property with no water, you should call an emergency plumbing service. It always helps to familiarize yourself with your home or business’ water valve placement, for quick access should you need to shut off your water supply until your plumbing contractor arrives.

Significant increase in water consumption

If you experience a sudden & significant uptick in water consumption, whether you noticed this via a meter check or otherwise, it could be a sign of a leaking or broken water supply. This should be addressed by plumbing professionals to prevent further damage to the property and structure of your home or business.

Whether you reside or operate a business in Cerritos, Long Beach or anywhere in LA County, and are experiencing any of these plumbing issues, or are unsure whether it constitutes a plumbing emergency, we urge you to contact Prodigy Plumbing immediately at (562) 413-1928. Our fully equipped plumbing vehicles are stocked and backed by our expert support fleet, and are ready to dispatch with larger plumbing equipment if needed for any emergency residential or commercial plumbing project.

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