Where is My Main Water Shutoff Valve?

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April 16, 2022

Gushing water is a hazard to your house, belongings, and water bill. Would you know where your main water shut-off valve is in the event of an emergency? In this guide, we will go over:

  • How to find your main water valve
  • How to shut the valve off
  • What to do next

How Do I Find My Main Water Valve?

Although there is no standardized location for the main water valve, here are some ways to find it.

  • First, determine if there is an alternative shutoff for faster results. For example, if the leak is directly around the sink, toilet, or other fixture, there may be a secondary water valve nearby, known as an upstream shutoff valve. If the upstream valve is in between the leak and the rest of the plumbing system, you may be able to turn off the water feeding into the leak without finding the main shutoff valve.
  • If you get water from an electric well, there should be a main water valve near the well pump and reservoir. If not, trace a straight line from the well to your house. The valve should be somewhere along the indoor or outdoor wall facing the well.
  • If you get your water from a municipal water supply, the water typically runs from the street straight to your house. So look indoors and outdoors along the perimeter of the wall facing the street.
  • If you can not find a water shutoff valve, check your property inspection report. It should be listed in the plumbing section of the report.
  • If you still can not find the main water shutoff valve, you may need to locate the curbside shutoff valve. It will be located in a metal or plastic utility box where your property line meets the curb or roadside. Call the provided emergency contact number, and the staff will either instruct you on how to turn it off or send out a dispatch team.

How Do I Shut Off the Main Water Valve?

There are two types of valves: the ball valve and the gate valve.

A Ball Valve is a straight handle or oval knob that only makes half a turn. When the handle runs in the same direction as the waterline, the water flow is open. To turn off the water, you will need to turn the ball valve until it is perpendicular to the waterline (making a T or cross shape with the water line and valve).

A Gate Valve is very similar to a hose faucet. It is typically a round handle that has to be turned several times to turn the water flow on and off.

What Do I Do After I Turn Off the Water?

After you find the main water shutoff valve and turn off the water, you should get the source of the leak inspected and fixed as soon as possible. Doing this will help prevent further damage and restore your water usage as soon as possible.

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