Important Tips to Prevent Your Drains from Clogging

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July 20, 2021

A drain clog brings nothing but inconvenience and hassle for homeowners. Whether it's in your bathroom or kitchen, a clogged drain can disrupt your daily routine. It can cause quite a mess, can be irritating to deal with, and can be difficult to address without the help of professional plumbers. For those who aren’t eager to deal with a clogged drain, there are steps that can be taken to avoid one. Here are some important tips for preventing your drains from clogging.

Watch Your Food Waste and Hair

Do your best to make sure that hair, grease, and food scraps do not go down your drain. These three things are responsible for clogs, and if you’re not too careful, they can be the cause of one in your home. Choose alternative waste disposal methods for your food and grease besides your sink. Whether it’s placing all of your food waste in a basket or putting your cooking grease in a jar, there are plenty of ways to avoid having these harmful items go down your drain.

Add a Mesh Screen

When washing your hair during a shower or bath, some of it will undoubtedly make their way down the drain. One way to stop hair from going down your shower or bathtub drain, and causing a clog is with a mesh screen. A mesh screen will allow water to pass through down the drain but will prevent any hair from doing so. Any equipment similar to a mesh screen can also do the job.

Use Your Pop-up Stopper

Most bathroom sinks already come with a pop-up stopper that is excellent for preventing clogs. Before using your sink, you can push down on the stopper to not allow anything to go down your drain. Once you’re finished with the sink, look to see if any hair or other liquids are near your drain. Get rid of them before lifting your stopper and letting the water go down the drain. To keep your pop-up stopper operating as it should, be sure to clean it once every week.

Watch What You Flush

Be cognizant of what you flush down your toilet. The only things that should be going down your toilet are bodily waste and toilet paper. This is because toilet paper will come apart into smaller pieces that will allow it to easily pass through a drain. Other items like tissues, towels, or hygiene products can cause a major clog to occur because they won’t break apart and will maintain their shape instead.

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