Redfin Turns to Prodigy Plumbing for Our Expertise in Sewer Scope Inspections

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March 21, 2022

At Prodigy Plumbing, our Southern California specialists are experts at performing sewer scope inspections. That’s where we send in a camera so we can see exactly what’s happening inside your sewer line. And it’s why Redfin, one of the top online real estate brokerages in the nation, turned to us (among other top plumbers) for advice they could give to homebuyers. We weighed in on their recent blog post Why a Sewer Scope Inspection is Essential for Homebuyers.

Whether you’re considering buying a home or are already a homeowner, sewer pipe inspections can save you a lot of headaches. Common problems that a camera can detect include tree root intrusion, pipe deterioration, or a broken, misaligned line, or collapsed line. Here’s an example of how a sewer scope inspection helped pinpoint and verify a tree root problem inside a customer’s pipes so we could get the issue resolved quickly.

“Prodigy's plumber, Osiel, put a camera down the pipes, and I saw on the video screen (recorded video) all the buildup of tree roots that infiltrated the piping. He recommended hydro jetting, which is cutting the tree roots with high-pressure blasts of water. Based on all the EVIDENCE and information he provided me, I was able to make my decision to go with the hydro jetting and not the snaking. Snaking would have cost less, but it was a short-term fix. The hydro jetting would clear all the blockages in the pipes for a longer period of time. Osiel was so speedy to go and get the hydro jetting machinery (which is a different vehicle). He was back within 30 minutes and right away set off to work. Once he was done, he verified his completed work by putting the camera down the pipes to show the before and after! After viewing his work, I was 100% satisfied with my service because I saw with my own eyes all the tree roots were cleared from the pipes!” - Euncie K., Yelp

If you own a home and keep having drainage and water pressure problems, your drains have a foul odor, or you suddenly notice a bright green patch of grass on your lawn, it’s time to schedule a sewer line inspection. Mildew and mold on your walls, an increase in pests (such as mice and rats), lawn indentations, and puddles can also be signs that your sewer pipe needs repair.

And if you own a home that was built more than 20 years ago or are considering buying an older home, scheduling a sewer scope inspection is a good idea. It’s especially important if trees surround the house because their roots can intrude into a sewer line over time.

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