Signs You Have a Sewage Backup Problem

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May 26, 2022

Is there a strange smell coming from your drain? It could just be a clog, but it could also be a sewage backup problem—which is a serious issue that requires immediate attention.

A sewage backup can lead to a wide range of hazardous problems and can cause serious damage to your home if left untreated. Luckily, it’s preventable if you tackle the problem early. In this article, we’ll discuss sewage backup signs and what to do when you suspect there’s a problem.

Sign #1: Sewage Odors

The number one sign of sewage backup is a sewage odor coming from the drains in your home. Before you jump to conclusions, clean your entire home. If you can still trace the smell to the drains, especially multiple drains in your home, you likely have a sewage backup problem.

Sign #2: Slow Drainage

Besides a strong smell, you may notice the drains in your home are draining slowly, especially on the lower floor. Or maybe you have several drains in your home that seem to be clogged. Either way, if the issue affects multiple drains, there is likely a sewage backup.

Sign #3: Bubbling in Drains

When you wash your hands, do you notice bubbles coming up? When this happens, it’s a sign that waste isn’t exiting the sink as it should. If this happens once or twice, that is okay, but when it happens regularly, you may have a serious problem.

A sewage backup problem will affect all home drains, so check all drains, including toilets, for bubbling.

Sign #4: The Presence of Sewage

An obvious sign that you have a sewage backup problem is when the sewage is present on your property. For instance, homes have a sewage cleanout pipe that connects directly to the sewage line in the neighborhood. When there is a backup, the sewage may leak through this cleanout pipe.

Sometimes this pipe is located in the basement, and other times it is in your yard. Check both locations for the presence of moisture or sewage.

Sign #5: Strange Noises

A sewage buildup will cause your drains to make noises, such as gurgling or bubbling. These sounds are caused by trapped air inside the pipes that cannot escape because of the sewage backup. Noises are one of the most obvious signs of sewage backup and indicate that the problem needs to be addressed immediately.

Sign #6: Appliances Affect One Another

When using one fixture causes problems with another, there is no room in your drain pipes for all the waste—likely due to sewage backup. For instance, if using the toilet causes the shower not to drain properly, or if washing your hands while someone is showering leads to a clogged sink.

What to Do When You See Signs of Sewage Backup

Whether you see one sign of sewage backup in your home or many, seek help right away. Sewage is toxic, and its presence in your home can cause considerable damage and health problems in just 12 hours.

At Prodigy Plumbing, our Southern California specialists are experts at performing sewer scope inspections. We check for and repair current issues and help prevent future sewage backup issues.

Contact Prodigy Plumbing for a free estimate at the first sign of a sewage backup.

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