Simple Temporary Emergency Pipe Repair

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November 30, 2020

At any moment, one of your pipes can rupture and begin leaking. It’s a nightmare that every homeowner dreads because of the consequences it can bring. When something like this occurs you’ll need to call a trusted plumbing company to come fix the issue. But if your pipe does rupture with no immediate help available, there are short-term solutions to the issue that you can attempt. If you find yourself dealing with a leaking pipe, here’s what you need to do to provide a temporary fix.

The First Steps

Upon discovering an issue with your pipe, you should immediately shut off your water supply. Then, drain your pipe by turning on the faucet at the lowest point. After doing so, make sure that the affected area of the pipe is clean and dry.

Temporary Measures

Depending on the size of the crack or hole on the pipe, there are different approaches you can take to temporarily address the issue. If the rupture and hole is small enough, you can wrap duct tape around it several times though its effectiveness will likely wane quickly. For larger holes or leaks, you can use epoxy putty to help plug it up. Simply follow the listed instructions to fill hole and wait about an hour for the putty to turn back on the water. Alternatively, another useful tool that you can use is a pipe repair clamp. This is a different device that can also help you plug up the hole. Throughout this process, it is important to exercise caution as to avoid causing further damage to the pipe or harm to yourself. To reiterate, all of these solutions are only stopgap fixes and you should contact a plumbing company as soon as you can. The only reliable and safe way to repair your fractured pipe is with trusted professionals like Prodigy Plumbing who will provide affordable high-quality care.

For a long-term fix to your plumbing issues, Prodigy Plumbing is here for you. Your home’s plumbing is significant to the health and safety of your family and you’ll need a reputable company that you can rely on. Our expert team at Prodigy Plumbing is readily available to address any problem with our excellent service. For further consultation, give us a call at 562-413-1928 or schedule an appointment with us.

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