Tree Root Pipe Intrusion: Facts & Solutions

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October 30, 2020

Tree root intrusion is one of the most serious types of damage that a sewer drainage system can face. Invasive tree roots can lead to major issues for homeowners and businesses. Trees may provide for a beautiful landscape outside your home, but it's what you can’t see underground that could be disrupting the plumbing to your property. Here are some facts and solutions you should know about tree root pipe intrusion.

Tree Root Pipe Intrusion Facts:

Tree root intrusions are a common cause of sewer and drain problems. When trees and sewer lines are too close together it is highly likely that the tree’s roots will eventually make their way into the sewer line.

The roots of trees are attracted to water. If a pipe is leaking, tree roots will grow toward it and invade the property’s pipes and drains. The damage from root intrusion can cause leaks, low water pressure, and high water bills among other issues. If not treated, it could escalate into major problems, not to mention costly repairs.

Some common signs of tree root intrusion include:

  • Sewage odor in your home or business
  • Backups and overflow in your tub, sink, or toilet
  • Gurgling toilet
  • Visible sinkholes

Tree Root Pipe Intrusion Solutions:

If you believe your home or business is being affected by tree root intrusion, contact Prodigy Plumbing. With our services, we can help prevent the worst from occurring. Our expert technicians use advanced camera technology to quickly locate tree roots inside your pipes. We can then send a hydro jetting hose in your pipes to remove blockages, scour away tree roots, and build up and help maintain your home and business. Trenchless repair is another one of our solutions to rehabilitate your pipes.

At Prodigy Plumbing, our highly-experienced team can fix any tree root pipe intrusion you may have. Give us a call at 562-413-1928 or schedule an appointment with us to learn more.

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