Trenchless Sewer Repair & Replacement

Far Less Digging. Much Less Damage.

Say goodbye to the stress of a damaged lawn, demolished walls and floors, and neighborhood street closures. Trenchless sewer repair and replacement is cleaner, quicker, and more cost-effective. Repairs typically take only a few hours, and we can install a new sewer line in just a day or two. Prodigy proudly serves the communities of Long Beach and Los Angeles County.

How Trenchless Works

We start by digging access point holes to reach the sewer line. Typically, the access points are located under your basement floor (where wastewater and sewage leave the property) and underneath your yard (at the beginning of the sewer line).

Once we have access, we use special plumbing tools to perform repairs or work on a replacement. Sometimes we’ll need to dig additional access points to replace damaged lines.

Method 1: Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a process where we use special tools to break apart the existing sewer line to install a new one in its place. We can do this to make a single repair or to do a complete replacement. It’s one of the most efficient methods to install a new sewer line.

At Prodigy Plumbing, we use a special material known as cross-linked polyethylene (PEX). PEX pipes are designed to withstand the elements and resist corrosion, all while maintaining their flexibility. The life expectancy is almost 50 years.

Also, since pipe bursting doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, it’s considered an environmentally friendly form of trenchless sewer repair.

Method 2: Trenchless Pipe Lining

If the current sewer line still retains its structural integrity, we can line it to perform a repair. We use a flexible tube containing an epoxy resin, insert it into a small hole, and inflate the tube.

This method lines the old sewer line with the epoxy resin (also called cured-in-place-pipe, or CIPP). The CIPP lining dries inside the pipe, and you’re good to go.

Inside The Process

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