Tree Root Intrusion

When Roots Break Through

Tree roots inside a sewer line are never good—they can cause a lot of damage. Tree root intrusion typically happens in clay or concrete sewer lines, and also in dry climates. At Prodigy, we can detect and provide you with solutions if it’s happening at your home or business in Long Beach or Los Angeles County.

The Damage They Cause

A sewer line collapse is the biggest danger when tree roots invade sewer lines. It’s especially a concern if the pipes are made of weak material.

How To Prevent Tree Root Intrusion

Here are some helpful tips from Prodigy’s experts:

  • Have trees on your property that are near sewer lines? Place a barrier between the two (wood, metal, or a chemical barrier that inhibits root growth).
  • Are you planning on planting new trees? Plant them as far away as you can from sewer lines.
  • Thwart major issues by making it a priority to schedule regular maintenance and inspections (every three years is recommended).

When Should I Call The Pros?

Two words—don’t wait. If you’re noticing problems, the longer you wait to call a professional, the worse the situation can become. If we can find a tree root intrusion early on when it’s just begun, it’s going to be much easier to address and correct. Wait too long, and you’ll end up with the worst-case scenario—damage so bad that part or all of the sewer line will need to be replaced.

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